Celebrity & Influencer Marketing

Align your brand with those who do it best.

Today’s culture and trends are dictated by powerful tastemakers and influencers.  Young and old, consumers look to the icons they admire for their cues on fashion, style, culture, and trends.

With an immersion in popular culture unrivaled in the industry, we value our relationships with tastemakers as much as with entrepreneurs, because it’s where these worlds meet that brands truly come alive.  Whether through product integration in TV or music videos, the social media shout-outs that make brands blow up, or the perennially potent paparazzi shots that showcase your label, nobody gets products in celebrities’ hands with the zeal and authenticity that we do.

If you want your brand to become truly iconic, there is no more effective way to fast-track that process than to align it with a beloved personality, a human icon.  The Shark Group is ready to make that introduction for you.

Services include:

  • Create partnerships with celebrities and tastemakers
  • TV show product integration
  • Music video product integration
  • Social media shout-outs
  • Integrated influencer campaign creation & management
  • Staged press photos

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