I know the type of speaker we would like to host, but I’m not exactly sure who that could be. Can you help provide relevant suggestions?
Yes! We’re here to help. It’s our job to know which speakers correspond to your audience, budget and theme. We’ll work collaboratively with you to identify the best possible speaker within your parameters.

How do I invite a speaker?
After identifying the speaker you would like to invite, you will need to formalize your request by completing a ‘firm invitation form.’ After we receive this completed form, we will review the request with the speaker as soon as possible and stay in communication with you during that process. Our speakers are extremely busy, but we work hard to bring you a response in a timely manner. Please note that form invitation form is considered to be be firm and binding; therefore if the speaker accepts your invitation, you will be required to sign a formal event agreement reconfirming all terms and pay all associated talent and travel fees.

What costs are typically involved?
There are two sets of costs involved — the speaker’s fee and travel expenses. Speaker fees are paid in two 50% installments. The initial 50% is due to Shark Speakers along with your signed contract, and the remaining 50% is due 20 days prior to your event date. Payments can be made via certified checks, money orders or bank wires.
Travel costs generally include unrestricted round trip airfare, hotel accommodations, local ground transportation in the speakers hometown as well as the event city and meals. We work very closely with every event sponsor to ensure that these costs are reasonable and well documented. These expenses can either be covered in one flat travel buyout — meaning your organization will pay a one time mutually agreed upon fee to cover all expenses or your organization can arrange and pay for each of the expenses as they arise.

How does the travel component work?
We eliminate all guess work by having our team work carefully with you to facilitate all travel arrangements. Each speaker has different requirements and geography can often influence travel plans, but our team does this full time and we’ve got it down to a science.

Will your team help us with logistical support?
Absolutely. As we’ve said, we’re here to help you. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to create a successful and impactful event. Beyond the logistics themselves, if you want to riff about some marketing ideas, we’re up for that too.

I have additional questions, who is the best person to contact?
You can call us at 646.930.1411 or email us at Champ@thesharkgroup.com. Anyone on our team can help you.