Client Case Study:


The Situation

AT&T was looking to take part in a new initiative to boost innovation within the company. To do this, the organization decided that it wanted to run a training seminar for its officers and senior managers. 

The Shark Group Approach

AT&T approached Daymond John and Shark Group to help set up this training seminar. Together, they came up with a competition that would be both informative and entertaining. The rules were simple – the attendees were to break into different groups and collaborate on a new idea for the company. Daymond worked personally with each group and offered insight on their ideas to make sure they got the most out of the program.  

The Results

  • Over 350 employees attended the seminar, all of whom completed their projects. 
  • To further extend their knowledge, employees pitched Daymond and other panelists on their ideas. 
  • Daymond helped facilitate a voting competition which ultimately led to a winner. 
  • AT&T is now planning to implement some of these ideas into their daily operations.