Client Case Study:


The Situation
Prestigious business school Babson was looking to bolster their Management Consulting Field Experience program. With the sentiment that the best way to learn about the business world is through experience, Babson reached out to Daymond John, a champion of the ‘do it yourself’ philosophy, to help the students as Entrepreneur in Residence.

The Shark Group Approach
Daymond did not hesitate to expose his students to real businesses from day one.  Fresh from shooting the latest season of the business reality show Shark Tank, Daymond traded PowerPoint slides and multiple choice tests for hands-on experience, bringing his brand new investments into the classroom and giving his students the opportunity to analyze and consult living, breathing companies.

The Results
As part of a semester-long project to “dig deeper and develop market opportunities,” teams of students worked on over a dozen businesses from Shark Tank, providing market research and competitive analyses. One example of the students’ success is the implementation of EzVip’s expansion into new cities. Students also used various social media tools to reposition the company, helping it target a wider demographic and capitalize on untapped markets.