Client Case Study:

Beast Sports

The Situation 
Beast Sports is a sports nutrition company that offers products to enhance athletes’ workouts. It approached The Shark Group looking to expand its reach and attract a more mainstream audience.

The Shark Group Approach 
Understanding the power of pop culture, The Shark Group paired Beast Sports with Hip-Hop and R&B artist Trey Songz. Identifying that Trey Songz is a fitness fanatic, The Shark Group put together a special behind-the-scenes videos that showcased Trey’s grueling workout in the #1 hit single “Na Na.” Trey broke down each of his workouts that are featured in his video, which currently has 37,000,000 views. To help distribute and promote the videos, a deal was closed with one of the top Fitness websites in the world to feature the videos on its site.

The Results

  • The Shark Group brought on famed music video director Gil Green, who has worked with Akon, DJ Khaled, Jason Derulo and many other musicians, to direct these behind the scenes videos
  • Trey Songz and Beast Sports created a video that portrayed the mainstream image Beast Sports was striving for
  • The article became a great way to inform and encourage people to become healthy
  • The Shark Group put together a group of influencers to post the article to their combined social media following of over 25 million people
  • 30 days after the video’s launch, the links sent out on social media drove over 76,000 Page Views to the article
  • People spent over 108,000 combined minutes reading the article, checking out the videos, and ultimately learning about Beast Sports.