Client Case Study:

Google +

The Situation
A high school marketing teacher from Utah reached out to Daymond via Twitter, hoping to arrange a Q&A session between Daymond and his marketing class.

The Shark Group Approach
Daymond loved the idea but knew it could be executed on a much larger scale. Having heard about Hangouts, an innovative group video conferencing feature of the burgeoning social network Google+, Daymond decided to reach out to Google to partner on the project. Hangout’s technology features seamless speech-triggered switches in camera focus. The person speaking will automatically be shown on the screen allowing for ‘face-to-face’ conversation.

Daymond worked with Kyle Garcia of Google to set up a large-scale “Virtual Conference Room,” in which the students could ask Daymond questions regarding business, Shark Tank, and entrepreneurship. Other partners, such as Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), and Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA), helped spread the word about Daymond’s Q&A session to schools across the nation.

The Results

  • In what one professor called “a first for marketing and business students around the country,” Daymond ‘hung out’ with thousands of high school students through Google +’s live video chat.
  • Google’s reach coupled with Daymond’s recognition brought great publicity to Google + and highlighted their groundbreaking technology.
  • Google + is one of the first social media platforms to offer this unique service.
  • After Daymond had his hangout the numbers for Google + increased significantly.