Client Case Study:

Inc. Magazine: Grow Your Company Conference

The Situation

Inc. GrowCo is a conference for entrepreneurs and business leaders who are seeking to build their business.  The program has over 50 Featured and All-Star Speakers, straight from Inc. and the business world, who share their knowledge and strategies to achieving success.

The Shark Group Approach

With his years of experience in speaking to small business owners and major CEOs, Daymond John is a natural fit as one of the 8 Featured Speakers. His entrepreneurial background and knowledge makes him a valuable mentor to aspiring businesses of all sizes.  At GrowCo, Daymond is able to do what he does best, help future businesses.

GrowCo was looking for a way to promote the event in a unique way, and The Shark Group team decided to live tweet the popular “Daymond’s #FastFact” during Shark Tank to specifically target the business minded audience.

The Results

With millions of weekly Shark Tank viewers and thousands of die-hard fans talking about the show via Twitter, Daymond lives up to his name as the “People Shark” by live tweeting throughout the show.  Knowing the audience of the Emmy Award winning hit, Daymond takes advantage of being able to speak to them directly with relevant entrepreneur and business tweets.

Twitter results while live tweeting Shark Tank:

  • 3 of his top 5 tweets were about GrowCo
  • His top GrowCo tweet had 1.9M reaches
  • Sparked #GROWCO15 which reached 618.4K impressions
  • Sparked #entrepreneur which reached 300.1K impressions