Client Case Study:

Miller Lite

The Situation

Daymond John and Miller Lite collaborated in 2013 for their first ever “Tap The Future” event. This gave entrepreneurs all around the country the opportunity to pitch their companies in front of Daymond and a panel of judges. This year, Miller Lite approached The Shark Group team to help make the competition even bigger.

The Shark Group Approach

Daymond and The Shark Group team wanted to raise awareness and promotion of the competition. Shark Branding created a live tweet event where people could ask Daymond questions directly on Twitter with the hashtag #TapTheFuture. After capitalizing on Daymond’s strong digital presence, the team secured interviews with multiple publications around the areas that Daymond was appearing. The Shark Group garnered media coverage of all outlets to ensure that entrepreneurs from all over America were informed about the competition.

The Results

  • Daymond’s press tour received 27,195,445 audience impressions
  • The live chat reached 6,579,822 different people on Twitter
  • Attendees of the event increased by over 50% to 3000 people
  • The competition awarded entrepreneurs with over $300,000 in prizes