This Month In The Tank

Posted April 1, 2016 at 5:00 pm


Innovation Pet secured a deal with Daymond on the March 11th episode of Shark Tank. Daymond once again fended off Kevin O’Leary by offering his own strategic thoughts on the company’s future and forming a bond with the company’s founders over pets and animals. Innovation Pet sells original and functional pet products that range from active and plush dog toys, to chicken coops and rabbit hutches. During the episode, Daymond spoke about his Guinea Hens and connected with Innovation Pet’s unique and practical chicken coups, along with the other inventive pet toys and houses they offer.

Shark Tank Season 4’s Cowboy Ryan Ehmann, Founder of Cowboy’s Gym and Creator of Lose 12 Inches in 12 Workouts, was also featured in an update on the March 11th episode. Cowboy Ryan’s fast growth of internet sales led him to close his physical gym and focus solely on internet sales. With this hedge bet, Ryan unfortunately found himself on the wrong side of declining sales. With the help of Daymond, though, Cowboy Ryan was able to reopen gyms and branch out into new business opportunities.

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